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Most of us face moments where we need to be more intentional about what we seek to achieve.

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Find more positivity.

Creating a spark to achieve this is can be as simple as one week worth of activity that takes less than 5 minutes.

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Establish better relationships.

Attracting more of what you seek is often as simple as being clearer about what that is - and isn't.

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Achieve a dream.

The reality of making your dream come true might be as simple as asking better questions or learning more control.

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Unlock & Unblock.

Re-igniting what's been lost or moving your life forward can be as simple as listening to your thoughts in the morning.

AJ Sarcione, creator of The Shine Scale™

Hi, I'm AJ!

I've flown around the world as a motivational speaker, have coached CEOs, wrote some books, lived out a couple dreams, and bounced back in my career years ago to accelerate my success by 450% in a short 5 years, making the money to set me up to discover what led to all of that, and build tools to help other people, like you, do it too.

When I'm not doing that, I'm raising my children (30+ animals) with my partner on a ranch we have.

My hope is to help people smile more. I believe building others builds you, and that it takes simply one spark to ignite the path to success. So let's chat and figure out how we can do that together for you or your team.

The Steps to GET YOUR SHINE Back are as simple as creating a spark.

Book a FREE call so we can chat about shine and see where you or your team might create one spark to ignite a path to success.

Depending on what we discover together, we'll chat about the possible tools I have that would fit re-igniting shine.

You start to make simple shifts to help get you or your team sparking more so you can Get Your Shine Back.

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